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HOW IT WORKS - Customize your trivia

ABOUT - Hi, I'm Joel

Hi! I'm Joel, and I love trivia. I have been doing all kinds of events around the Saint Louis area for almost a decade, but my favorite is definitely trivia.

While I offer ready-to-go trivia themes, I also want to provide the option for you to decide what categories you think would work best for your event, allowing you to customize the trivia and choose whatever categories you like for each round!

I bring all my own professional-grade audio/visual equipment, including a projector and screen, and I offer several ways to fund the event: I can sell tickets to the participants, or the host can cover the event and allow the people to participate for free. To see what people are saying about Joel's Trivia, check out some of the reviews below!

REVIEWS - See what people are saying

"Joel was there every step of the way to make sure our trivia night was a success"

"Joel did such a nice job working with us to pick the different trivia categories and even helped us make one category that was specific to the people there. Loved it, would use again." - Jill R.

"I wasn't sure what to expect, since I had not hired a trivia company, but Joel definitely came through--major value. I especially liked how easy he made everything and how I could pretty much just sit back and enjoy the evening." - Martin and Susan H.

"I never felt uncomfortable. Joel was there every step of the way to make sure our trivia night was a success" - Tony G.

PRICING - Two options to choose from

The host can pay a flat fee of $300, which includes everything, from the before-hand consultations to set-up/tear-down.

I can charge $10 tickets to each participant who wants to join, making the event free for the venue!

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Please fill out the Interest Form below to give me a general idea of your event; from there, I will give you a call to further discuss the details and answer questions at your earliest convenience.

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CONTACT - Reach out with any questions

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